Thank you for considering joining True Parents' Birthday Celebration and Pilgrimage in Korea.
If you would also like to attend the 5th Anniversary Celebration of Foundation Day, please look at option 2. 
Travel Schedule - Option 1 ($500)
  • Guests should arrive at Incheon airport (ICN) on February 20, which means departure from the U.S. will be on February 19.
  • True Parents' birthday celebration will be on February 21.
  • On February 22 to 23, there will be visits to the SunHak Institute of History, the Old Cheong Pa Dong Church, and more. 
  • Return departures will be on February 24. 

Travel Schedule - Option 2 ($1000)

  • Between February 20 and 23, the schedule will be the same as Option 1.
  • Foundation Day celebration will be on February 28. 
  • Departures for America will be on March 1. 
  • Throughout the visit, participants will have the opportunity to further explore Korea and its culture, as well as attend a workshop at the Cheong Pyeong Training Center.

Important Notes

  • The registration fees will cover food, transportation, and hotel accommodations for your stay in Korea.
  • Hotel accommodations include sharing a room with another individual.
  • If you arrive or depart on different dates than listed above, you will need to cover any additional hotel and meal expenses, including airport transportation. We will not be able to accommodate early arrivals or late departures.